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Fast Speedy Service.

When you need to clear your property of that scap car, you need a fast efficient service. A friendly Service, Offering upto £200 for your scrap car and clearing from your property.

Call 01622 203 203 now.

Scrap Car Clearing Maidstone

We are ready to take your call to clear your property .

Car Buyers Maidstone This site has been designed to make it easier to contact one of the best scrap Car Buyers
Maidstone Scap Car Clearing Company.

Best Prices Paid. We are autobreakers and need your scrapped vehicle for the parts, you can now via this website contact us directly and be assured of a speedy, friendly home visit. Offering above scrap value, giving a better deal than scrap car dealers.

Offering UPTO £200 PER CAR it makes £ense to call us before acepting a lower price.

Specialists Car Buyers Clearance, you could get more than you think. We come to you and we remove your scrap car or vehicle. Make an appointment today by calling 01622 203 203. Your scrap car could be cleared by the next day if convenient.

Telephone: 01622 203 203